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    Training Area

    Use the latest training tools for better performance.

    The Flex Space at Extra Innings is an area designed for teams to run full practices. This area is 100 x 30 feet with the ability to be reconfigured 4 different ways. The space is completely customizable to incorporate hitting, fielding and throwing into your practice. Players can get in long toss, as well as middle infield work. Close off the quadrants to do tee work, soft and front toss, or hit off the pitching machines. This is the best practice space in the area. Get the most out of your team’s practice.

    Training Area Tools:

    • Soft Toss Machines
    • Tees of ALL Sizes
    • Stride Boards
    • And Much More!
    Training Area | Extra Innings Hanover

    Flex Space Training Area

      Full Hour Rental - $150
    Discounts available for off peak and house teams

    Team Training - 1 hour

      2 Tunnels,  1 Circuit Training Area -  $135
      2 Tunnels, 2 Circuit Training Area - $170

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